Crappie Fishing

Big Crappie on Lake Oconee Fishing Guide Service. BigFishHeads Guide Service

If Crappie fishing were a religion, then February, March and April would be the high holidays on Lake Oconee..

Trophy Crappie Lake Oconee BigFishHeads Guide Service January February and March

Without exception, more huge crappie are caught during these months than any other time..

Limits of monster crappie on Lake Oconee. Caught by BigFishHeads Guide Service. Captain Doug Nelms

Patrons from all over the country make their annual pilgrimage to Lake Oconee to be rewarded with bountiful catches..

Huge Crappie caught by Captain Doug Nelms and BigFishHeads Guide Service on Lake Oconee

Specks, Croppie,  Sac-au-lait, Perch, or our favorite term, "BrokeNecks"...whatever you call them, Lake Oconee produces your favorite name brand year after year..

Spider Rigging Crappie Fishing on Lake Oconee. Captain Doug Nelms BigFishHeads Guide Service

And our favorite  way to catch the big fish is to spider rig. The slow presentation with a dozen options are always the favorite pattern for the big girls..

2018 Ranger 2360 BigFishHeads Guide Service on Lake Oconee

My new Ranger 2360 allows three anglers to comfortably fish up front and get in on the action. It was designed with spider rigging in mind!